Vodka Sour cocktail ready to drink

Why Nio cocktail is so special?

You only need a glass and two ice the pack, shake it and pours in the glass. Enjoy the moment.

Vodka sour Cocktail

100 ml

Alcoh: 19,1 % Vol.


Vodka Ketel One | Acido citrico bio | Acqua | Zucchero liquido | Coloranti naturali
I cocktail NIO sono preparati utilizzando i migliori liquori e distillati senza l'aggiunta di alcun conservante, additivo o agente chimico. 

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The category of sours is one of the oldest in the history of cocktails, indeed it could be said that this was the starting-point for the art of mixing: the first to write down its recipe was the great Jerry Thomas. Sours are based on a very simple balance: a sweet part (usually sugar syrup), a more bitter part with lemon or lime juice, and then obviously a spirit which gives character to the mix. The mostly commonly used spirits in this type of preparation are normally rum (Daiquiri), whiskey bourbon, vodka and gin. 

Gli spirits più utilizzati in questo tipo di preparazione sono abitualmente il rhum (Daiquiri), il bourbon, la vodka e il gin. Annoverato tra i cocktail estivi per eccellenza, il vodka sour è prefetto per chi cerca un drink leggero e fresco.


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