Tommy's Margarita cocktail ready to drink

Why Nio cocktail is so special?

You only need a glass and two ice the pack, shake it and pours in the glass. Enjoy the moment.

Tommy's Margarita Cocktail


Tequila jose cuervo | Organic agave syrup | Organic citric acid | Water
NIO cocktails are prepared using the best liquors and distillates without the addition of any preservatives, additives or chemical agents. 

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Created in the early 1990s by Julio Bermejo and named after his family's Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco, the self-proclaimed "premier tequila bar on Earth". Tommy's Margarita now appears on the menus of bars all around the world and in turn, the small family restaurant where the drink was created has become a mecca for bartenders and bar flies wanting to experience the now famous drink in the bar where it was invented. 

Their journey is a well-rewarded. Compared to classic Margarita, mixed with tequila, triple sec and sugar, Tommy's Margarita enhances the flavour by replacing the triple sec with the agave syrup, extracted from a Mexican plant, the Agave Tequiliana Weber.


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