Milano Torino cocktail ready to drink

Why Nio cocktail is so special?

You only need a glass and two ice the pack, shake it and pours in the glass. Enjoy the moment.

Milano - Torino Cocktail


Vermouth cocchi | Bitter Campari | Water | Angostura
NIO cocktails are prepared using the best liquors and distillates without the addition of any preservatives, additives or chemical agents. 

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The Milano Torino is a controversial cocktail; no one really knows when it was created, but one of the most popular beliefs is that it was invented to celebrate the A4 motorway in 1932, even if it is more likely that it was created with the advent of the Italian mixing tradition.

At the start of the “short century” there were few alcoholic drinks available in bars: the most famous were certainly Vermouth of Turin and Campari of Milan. By mixing the two the Milano Torino was created, prepared directly in the glass, with the addition of orange peel.



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