Originali e Divertenti 

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    designed byPeleg DesignQuick Overview Surprising chain reaction‭! ‬This bottle holder suspends a wine bottle in mid-air‭, ‬and is the best mate for raising your spirits‭.‬Sold in a gift box!Metal chain with chrome finish.Additional Information Dimensions:H25 x W15 x D15 cm

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    Peel, Sharpen and curls ribbon of carrots, zucchini and cucumber and other similar shaped  vegetables to decorate and add flair to your salads and dishes. Karoto - Peeler and Sharpener Avilable in 2 different colors: Black and OrangeDimensions:7.8X5.5X4cm

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    BAR BONEScocktail shaker the perfect way to serve your spirits Go ahead, pick your poison - then conjure up your favorite cocktail creations with BAR BONES Boston shaker. Sized for single cocktails, each graduated glass is printed with 13 ghastly recipes, and holds 9 ounces/250 ml. Stainless steel shaker is plated with a velvety, soft-touch finish.

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    Fun and comfy pair of socks shaped as a maki. One size fits all.

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    Once upon a time, on a kitchen shelf far-far away, there was a special house, sweet as sugar.This dazzling sugar bowl will bring glitters of snowflakes to your tea, and make your coffee break much sweeter. Size: 10.8 x 10.8 x 12

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    They say a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. We say it begins with a single scratch! Scratch Map is a large, high quality wall map which features a gold top foil layer. Why? So you canscratch off all the places you’ve visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring vibrant color and geographical detail.   The result is a...

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    DESIGN: Alan Wisniewski / Marion LanktreeSet of 9 molded butterflies with wire antennae and adhesives for mounting.Three sizes ranging from: 1 3/4 x 2 1/2" (5 x6 cm) to 3 1/2 x 3 3/4" (9 x10 cm)

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    Light up a room at night with this set of 20 decorative flowers that glow in the dark. This 20-piece set is assorted in white, pink, green and yellow with adhesives pad or tacks for mounting. Hardware included. Five sizes of flowers ranging from2 x 2 x 1" (6 x 6 x 3 cm) to4 x 4 x 2" (11 x 11 x 6 cm)

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    This spiral slicer will add colour to your kitchen and fun to your salads. Ideal for cucumbers & zucchini. Available in yellow & green  Dimensions: 8x7x4cm

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    The retro look is everywhere and you house has to follow the trend. The POLAROLL is the coolest toilet paper holder of the history! It will give you bathroom a 80's style. Get instant paper! 

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    You rule! But only for one day, and only while you wear this deluxe, regal, inflatable crown! 185 x 170 x 20mm

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    After an instant camera, we need instant pics! Well, here they are! The POLAROLL PAPER is a roll of toilet paper that includes different images in instant format with different filters. One detail that supplements our POLAROLL.

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    There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day... Just fill the umbrella with tea mixture and dip it in hot water to create your favorite brew.  It might not keep you dry, but it will surely warm your heart. Made if silicone 100% Food safe

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    The Teasub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infuzion of your favorite brew. Made if silicone 100% Food safe Dimensions: 5,5 x 3 x 5,5

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    Flower power’ is a cheerful cooking accessory for the kitchen designed by OTOTO. The daisy-shaped product keeps the lid of the pot open, enabling water steam to easily vent out the side. the base clips to the edge of the container, letting the lid comfortably rest on top to create an air gap in between. made from silicone and plastic, the petals will spin...